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Offer of the month SEPTEMBER

In case of accommodation in single room H**** (1050Kč) or in double room H**** (1250Kč) we offer you possibility of use our lockable garage free of charge.

And if you buy a breakfast, you have extra bonus - 2 dcl wine splash.






Free time activities

You can choose from the wide range of activities in the region:

Wine and folklore

There is no better way how finish the day than the bottle of wine…

Sights and nature

Plenty of trips available in the region, history and beauty of southern Moravia


  • Selen Timur, Turkey
    „It is my duty to say Thank you to staff at hotel Panon, they were very helpful during my stay.“
  • Katalin Báder
    Slovak Telekom
    „Excellent cooperation, kindness during our stay.“